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Security Turnstiles

Security turnstiles are a kind of pedestrian safety access control turnstile equipment, which is widely used in places where the personnel entrance and exit need to be controlled. The main function of the high security turnstiles is to make the pedestrian flow pass through the passage orderly, so as to ensure the safety of pedestrians and the environment.

Types of security turnstiles

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About MairsTurnstile

Mairs Turnstile is a professional manufacturer of pedestrian security turnstile gate equipment in Shenzhen, China. We mainly produce and customize a variety of pedestrian turnstile gate products and security road barrier equipment. Our products include full-height turnstiles, swing turnstile gates, flap barrier turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, sliding turnstiles, speed gates, road blockers, automatic rising bollards, tyre killers, and so on…….

Different scenarios, different style combinations

Various Types Of Unique Designs To Meet The Needs Of Different Venues

Two Standard Passage
The normal passage width is 600mm, and the standard height is 900mm. Of course, we can customize it according to your actual situation.
1100mm Wide Handicap Passage
The width range of tempered glass baffle is 600 ~1100mm, Different widths meet your different needs in different places, especially in places where people with disabilities need to pass through.
1800mm High Tempered Glass Baffle
The range of height for tempered glass baffles is 900 ~1800mm. Different heights to meet your different venue needs.